European Championship

European Championship

The senior European championship was held this year in Porto, Portugal. This was one of my favourite sailing venues I have been to so far. The city is really cool, located just up the river from the ocean on both sides of the river valley. The sailing venue is at the mouth of the river, and it is a short sail or tow out into full-on ocean sailing. When there is a good sea-breeze the waves are huge!

I had some great races in the opening series, but then had 2 BFDs (over-early at the start) on the last day of qualifying so I didn’t make gold fleet. That was super frustrating, as I had been in the top 25% of the fleet before that. Instead of a good gold fleet result like I had hoped, I instead had a good practice regatta in silver fleet. The silver lining (pun intended) was that I was able to practice starts in a low-pressure fleet.

Next up is some training and racing at home and then the Worlds in Japan!

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