Miami Training

Miami Training

I am still sort of on-track for weekly posts, yay! Today is my day off training before the World Cup starts here in Miami, so I’ll give you a little update on what I have been working on.

We drove down here last Tuesday with all the boats, and then unloaded everything again! That was a full day of organizing and unpacking lasers (we are chartering 3 out here as well), unloading coach boats, and checking into our apartment/getting settled. Wednesday we had a proper day off and basically vegetated in the apartment all day. Thursday through Sunday it was back on the water!

Sailing in Miami is pretty nice! Its typically a lighter wind venue and gets some pretty nasty chop even in very light breeze, so it is really important to keep the boat powered up and moving forward. We’ve had light to medium winds all week and I am feeling pretty fast both upwind and down. A typical training day before a large international regatta like this is: everyone launches at a similar time in the morning, spends half an hour to an hour working in small groups, and then gets all together for practice races for a few hours. Those have been really fun, and its been nice to see and race with some friends from across the world.

Racing starts tomorrow (Tuesday) and we will have 2 races a day through until Saturday. Our starts are pretty late (alternating between 2:30pm and 12:30pm with the full-rig lasers). It is going to be a tough competition, but I think I am at my best physically and boat speed wise that I have ever been before a competition like this! I’ll try to remember to post an update tomorrow with the website where you can follow the live trackers and see race results.

See you on the flip side!

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